The Future of Revenue Cycle Management

If you’re a billing company or are thinking of outsourcing revenue cycle management to a billing company—listen up. 


This blog explains the impact that the choices you make and the approach you choose for revenue cycle management have on your organization.

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Billing Company Adopting AI and RPA

Does it take your company a while to jump on new technology trends? Are your revenue cycle automation systems outdated and highly reliant on people? It might be time to rethink your strategy. This blog details why…

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Workflows vs. Automation in Rev Cycle Management

Your organization’s time and money are valuable and should be spent wisely. Many organizations are caught in a web of workflows. Adding more and more, without making progress toward initial goals.


This blog details the differences between workflows and automation and how they fit into the...

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RCM Automation: Bots vs. Brains

There are many solutions out there intended to automate parts of the revenue cycle, but revenue cycle automation is a complex process, so the solution that will simplify this process has to be more advanced than one that, say, enters names in a database.


This blog will detail two types of...

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